Frisco Music Center

Remember that old-school music shop that you loved to go to as a kid? The one where you would go to hang out with the local players, and dream of owning all the cool gear? The guy behind the counter knew your name and always remembered the gear you had been looking for? Ah! Good times!

Well...somewhat like a blast from the past...in 2013 we brought that experience home to Frisco. We are still a relatively new shop in town, but that old familiar vibe is definitely in the air. Our awesome crew of seasoned veterans (that you probably already know anyway) is here to stir you up a tasty serving of great new and used gear, along with professional repair services, exceptional lesson instruction, and of course a classic "back in my day" story at no extra charge! Beat that!

Whether we know you from the past, or maybe you are new in town, or perhaps just new to us...please come by to see the shop and see what we are all about. We're looking forward to growing our relationship with you!

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